PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SHARE!!!! This woman has been running an illegal puppy mill in a residential neighbourhood near where I live. They are going to court TOMORROW (Thursday) to decide whether or not she should be granted a license, which would result in her being able to continue what she’s doing with minimal inspection. You can read the report from the humane officer and get more information here:

To break it down:

-she starved at least 2 litters of puppies

-dogs are kept in almost total darkness

-most of the dogs are in crates, with minimal breaks

-conditions are disgusting

-many of these dogs are visibly ill with mange, conjunctivitis, or upper respiratory infections which are NOT BEING TREATED

-dogs do not have regular access to water

This is deplorable and disgusting. Please email BE RESPECTFUL. They are REQUIRED to consider EVERY petition they receive. If you bash the officials, they will be much more likely to discredit your response.